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100 Best Things to do in France  


France is the number one tourist destination worldwide, and it is not difficult to see why. Quite apart from the diversity of its national monuments – many but by no means all of which are to be found in the capital city of Paris – it offers culture, tradition, fascinating history, romance and charm as well as fantastic cooking and first-rate wines.

On 14th August, portal organizes and offers [0] Video


On Saturday, 14th of August, portal organizes and offers:
Tourism rally „Adventure in Kurzeme”.

The aim of this event is to familiarize the rally participants in an untraditional and attractive manner with the nature and culture history objects, not fully recognized material and nonmaterial cultural heritage and country side tourism offers in Latvia.

“Devilstone Open Air” - play your role in the legend!  [0] 


Lithuanian metal music festival, the DEVILSTONE Open Air, is approaching its second coming on July 16-18 in Dainuva valley, Anyksciai town. Extreme and radical music as well as other forms of expressions and experiences are going to flow free in the background of pure nature and unique cultural context of Anyksciai town.

LASCO Investment lets “Rīgas līcis” territory out on lease to “Nemo Camping” [0] 


Real estate investment management company SIA “LASCO Investment” informs that the territory of the former sanatorium “Rīgas līcis” located in Jurmala has been let out on lease to Nemo Camping ( The territory is situated just a few tens of metres from the sea, in the dune area, surrounded by the pines of Jurmala.

Latgale Song Festival will take place in Daugavpils. [0] 


Latgale Song Festival is scheduled on 5 June in Daugavpils, in the framework of the city festival. 2010 is the year of the 70th anniversary of the first song festival in Latgale that was the last one in the period of the first independence of Latvia (1918-1940). The city festival of Daugavpils “MANA PILS DAUGAVPILS” (June 4-6) will be dedicated to the 735th anniversary of Daugavpils and will also celebrate the 200 years since the beginning of the construction of Daugavpils (Dinaburg) fortress. Latgale Song Festival will be the major event of the city festival of Daugavpils, the chair of the organization committee of the festival, Rita Strode informs.

“Lejastiezumi” invites to summer relaxation, recreation and adventures for every taste and pocket  


Conference and leisure centre “Lejastiezumi”, situated by Lake Usma, has just resumed its operations, commencing the new summer season with more democratic and affordable service tariffs.

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Latvia Pavilion [0] 


Latvian architects Mailītis A.I.I.M. have commenced construction on the Latvia Pavilion to grace the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The Latvian Pavilion has been inspired by nature and its façade will symbolize nature and its various facets including the forests, the sea, the land, the sky and the wind.

Vodka brings Finns to Estonia - study [0] 


80% of Finns who visit Estonia bring alcohol back home with them but other products have also started to be of interest, National Broadcasting cites a poll by the Finnish Trade Alliance.

Tallink Group to open its first hotel in Riga [0] 


The Tallink hotels chain will open a four-star hotel Tallink Hotel Riga in the Latvian capital.

"airBaltic" to set up base in Tallinn  


Latvian national carrier "airBaltic" will establish a base in the Estonian capital Tallinn this year and introduce eight new routes in competition with Estonian airline "Estonian Air", "airBaltic" CEO Bertolt Flick said on Thursday.

Riga-Tallinn plane will make a stop in Finland [0] 


Starting from the end of March, "airBaltic" Riga-Tallinn route plane will make a stop in Turku, Finland, Aripaev Online reports.

In 2009 accommodation establishments had 1.4 million guests [0] 


In 2009, 21.8 percent less persons visited hotels of Lithuania in comparison with 2008. The number of guests from the EU countries decreased by 20.2, non-EU countries - by 9.7, Lithuanian residents - by 26.3 percent, Statistics Lithuania provisional data.


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