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Science and technology museum Kurzeme Democentre

Science and technology museum Kurzeme Democentre is an interactive centre that offers active, entertaining, educational and interesting adventures to children, youth and others ...

Zinātkāres centrs “ZINOO Rīga”

Science center ”ZINOO Rīga” has been created with the aim to spark curiosity in adults and children  about the world, technology and themselves in the technolog ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address: t/c Galleria Riga , Dzirnavu iela 67, Rīga
  • Phone number: 28391669
  • Web page: http://zinoo.lv

Cecil nature trail

  • County: Amata
  • Address: Amatas novads Ieriķos
  • Phone number: +371 29477700; 26457649
  • Web page: http://www.amata.lv

The stone craftsman’s workshop

The company was founded in Latvia in 1995, initially as a gravestone manufacturer, but since a business owner Aivars Kerliņš has an artistic soul and he saw that the ston ...
  • County: Pargauja
  • Address: "Ezeriņi", Stalbes pag. , Pārgaujas novads
  • Phone number: +371 26371928
  • Web page: http://www.ezerini.lv

Odzienas Pilsbruzis

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: Pilsbrūzis, Odziena, Vietalvas pagasts, Pļaviņu novads, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 20533333
  • Web page: http://www.odzienasmuiza.lv

Odzienas castle

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: Pils, Odziena, Vietalvas pagasts, Pļaviņu novads, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 20533333
  • Web page: http://www.odzienasmuiza.lv

Mini zoo - a great place to relax

MINI ZOO "ANIMAL PARK & RECREATION" Mini zoo - a great place to relax, where you can get acquainted with exotic animals and pets. Animals can be feed and ...
  • County: Talsu
  • Address: "Koklītes", Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads, Kurzeme, LV-3258
  • Phone number: +371 26479669;26710583

Pļaviņu Katoļu baznīca

Gostiņu luterāņu baznīca

Plavinas Sv. Peter Lutheran Church

Daiļdārzs Dzeņi

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: "Dzeņi", Aiviekstes pag., Pļaviņu novads
  • Phone number: 29378376


  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: „BURŠI”, Pļaviņu novads, Aiviekstes pagasts
  • Phone number: 29252115
  • Web page: http://www.burshalus.lv/

Mājas vīna darītava "Dzidris"

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: "Ozoliņi", Aiviekstes pag., Pļaviņu novads.
  • Phone number: 65100305, 29186953
  • Web page: http://http://www.dzidris.lv/

Daugavas plosts

Pļaviņu levees

Daugava raft

Peter I Stone

Partisan bunker

Hats world- Museum

Ethnic headwear in the “The World of Hat” museum The collection includes antique jeweled crowns and terrifying African helmet masks (all bewitched), 2-meter-high ...

Kroms Hill

The proprietor offers to observe the process of reconstruction of a wooden castle (9-11c) of Latgalian tribes. All interested may enjoy specially organized activities of ...
  • County: Dagda
  • Address: Priežukalni, Pušas Zundi, Andrupenes pagasts
  • Phone number: +371 26352522
  • Web page: http://www.rubon.eu

Egypt’s Lutheran Parish Church

The church was built in Vilkumiests by landlord A.Oettingen in 1823. In 1863 the church’s tower was built. During World War I it was destroyed, and during World War II ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Ēģipte, Medumu pagasts, Daugavpils novads
  • Phone number: +371 65422818
  • Web page: http://www.visitdaugavpils.lv

Valmiermuizas beer kitchen

The widely applauded story of #zemesgarša (#flavourofnature) by Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen is about the products given by Latvian land during different seasons. Our che ...
  • County: Burtnieku
  • Address: Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiermuiža, Burtnieku novads
  • Phone number: +371 20264269
  • Web page: http://www.valmiermuiza.lv

Ošu mājas Helix farm

Very near to Preiļi, approximately 500 m behind town’s border towards Daugavpils, is situated “Oši house” whose owners are occupied with rathe ...

The Mentzendorff’s House

The Mentzendorff s House – a branch of the Riga Museum of History and Navigation –brings you in the cosy atmosphere of the 17 th –18 th cent. dwelling ...

The Preili History and Applied Arts Museum

The Preili History and Applied Arts Museum offers:   1.Polikarps Čerņavskis House of Ceramics - the exposition LIFETIME ROUNDED BY A POTTER WHEEL /MŪŽS VI ...
  • County: Preilu
  • Address: Raiņa bulvāris 28, Preiļi
  • Phone number: +371 65322731
  • Web page: http://www.preili.lv

Libertu birch sap and wine celler

Libertu birch sap and wine celler My name is Linards Liberts I am founder of sula.lv. My passion is Birch trees. Have you ever drunk fresh, pure birch sap? Do you know that ...
  • County: Ikskile
  • Address: "Zaķu muiža" Daugavmala
  • Phone number: +371 65027221
  • Web page: http://libertu.lv


IKSKILE CHURCH RUINS ON THE ST MEINARD ISLAND Canon Meinard of the Augustinian Order of Segeberg monastery of the town of Holstein started to build a church in Ikskile in 1184. ...

Heritage Center Manor Tinuzhi

Cultural Heritage Centre of Ikšķile municipaty Tīnūžu muiža Working hours : T.,W.,Th.,Fr. 10.a.m - 16.p.m Closed on Saturdays, Sunday ...
  • County: Ikskile
  • Address: Tīnūžu pag. Ikšķiles nov.
  • Phone number: +371 65027221
  • Web page: http://www.ikskile.lv

Carmel Monastery

CARMELITE MONASTERY (Visits need to apply previously - +371 65021625, 29925047; ikskile.karmels @ inbox.lv) This is the first enclosed monastery in Latvia since the ...
  • County: Ikskile
  • Address: Smilšu iela 15, Ikšķile
  • Phone number: +371 65027221
  • Web page: http://www.ikskile.lv

Jaunmoku Palace Hotel

Whilst staying here, you will be able to enjoy the nature of the country in a quiet picturesque area, only an hour’s drive away from the capital of Latvia. Jaunmokas Palace ...
  • County: Tukuma
  • Address: Tumes pag..Tukuma nov., Rīgas-Ventspils šoseja 75 km
  • Phone number: +371 26187442; 63107125
  • Web page: http://www.jaunmokupils.lv

Memorial stoneTeodora Nete

A memorial to the Russian diplomatic courier Teodors Nete who was born in Latvia in 1896 and died on 5 February, 1926 during an attack on a train between Moscow - Riga between ...
  • County: Ikskile
  • Address: Pārbrauktuves iela 4, Ikšķile
  • Phone number: +371 65027221
  • Web page: http://www.ikskile.lv

Museum of Rainis „Jasmuiža”

Museum is open from 15th May to 31st October: 10.00 – 17.00, Mo., Tue. – closed Located on right side of river „Jaša”, is ...

Durbe Museum

Walking from the Castle Mound to the town you can reach the building of Durbe Museum. It is the renewed former Surgery building on17 Raiņa Street. In 1887 th ...

Tukums Museum

The Big boulder of Tilgaļi (Kraujas, Vandzene) – the fourth biggest in Latvia

The Big boulder of Tilgaļi (Kraujas, Vandzene) – the fourth biggest in Latvia   Not far from the boulder you can see "Kalēji" - the house where writ ...
  • County: Talsu
  • Address: Vandzenes pagasts
  • Phone number: +371 63224165; 26469057

Mersrags Lighthouse

The Mersrags lighthouse is situated at the tip of the shore shooting forth into the sea, near the place where a stony shoal lies. Old legends tell that plunderers would walk a cow ...
  • County: Mersrags
  • Address: Bākas iela 60, Mērsrags
  • Phone number: +371 63237704
  • Web page: http://www.mersrags.lv

Laci Bakery

Things happen a bit differently here. More thoroughly. If the people here do something, then they do it like it was done centuries ago - for real and sincerely. With their hearts, ...
  • County: Babite
  • Address: "Benūžu – Skauģi", p/n Piņķi, Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads, LV-2107, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 66047551; 66047552
  • Web page: http://www.laci.lv

Brother Jurjani Historic house Mengeli

Lielplatone Manor

In the 19th century the manor was the property of the dynasty of Baron Hahn. The manor house was built during the time period of 1845-1860. The initial design of the building ...
  • County: Jelgava county
  • Address: Lielplatones pag., Jelgavas nov.
  • Phone number: +371 26611468
  • Web page: http://www.jrp.lv

Military Museum Svente

  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Daugavpils nov., Sventes pag., Svente, Alejas iela 7, LV-5473
  • Phone number: +371 65427822
  • Web page: http://www.sventehotel.lv
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