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Sapnis Cafe, bar, motel

  • County: Jekabpils county
  • Address: Rīgas – Daugavpils šosejas 141. km
  • Phone number: +371 65234944

Grand Palace Hotel

Latvia leading 5-star hotel is quietly located in the centre of Riga’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, less than 100 metres away from Dome Square and Riga ...

Zvejnieki Rural recreation barn

Biplan Hotel

Comfortable, cozy three star hotel, situated in the 19th century building, located in the heart of the city, on 18 Novembra Street – main street of Daugavpils. The Hotel ...

The arched stone bridge of Poguļanka (Saliena)

The bridge over small river Poguļanka (Saliena) was built at the end of 19. century. It was built of hewed boulders. The height of arch is 5.2 m , the length is 5.5, the width is ...

Dubrovina park

Located between Rigas and Parades Streets. The development of the park was actively supported by Pavel Dubrovin (1839–1890), who was the city mayor from 1876 to 1890. The ...

Ovisi Lighthouse

Valmiermuiza park and gazebo

Pie draugiem Guest house

  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Burtnieki, Viļuši, Naujenes pag., Daugavpils nov.
  • Phone number: +371 29118661

Pakrasti Guest house

Pakrasti is located in Svente. The accommodation will provide you with a TV and a patio. There is a full kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator. Featuring a shower, shared ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Daugavpils nov., Sventes pag.,Pakrasti, LV-5473
  • Phone number: +371 29427159

Historical Centre of Daugavpils

Daugavpils, Rigas Street from Daugavas Street till Cietoksna Street, Cietoksna Street till Saknu Street, Saknu Street till Stacijas Street, Stacijas Street till Lacplesha Street, ...

The house of unity

Vienības nams (The house of unity) - cultural, rest and business centre (Rīgas street 22a). The biggest building in Baltic, which was built since independence of Latvia. It was ...

Livanu Glass Museum

Ltd., Lettglas "Līvānu glass museum presents the history of interest in the factory and glass factory from the 1887th g. It is a unique opportunity to look together at all ...
  • County: Livanu
  • Address: Domes iela 1, Līvāni, Līvānu nov., LV – 5316
  • Phone number: +371 65381855; 28603333
  • Web page:

Prieka Pietura Guest house

Prieka Pietura is a sunny, modern and pleasant apartment house right in the heart of Sigulda. Our dream was to create accommodation not only for our friends, but for everyone who ...
  • County: Sigulda
  • Address: Stacijas iela 6, Sigulda, LV 2150

Railway Bridge, Riga

The Railway Bridge (Latvian: Dzelzceļa tilts) is a bridge that crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The bridge was inaugurated 1914, shelled twice, during ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address:

Piejuras camping Ventspils Seaside Camping

Ventspils Seaside Camping is located in the green belt of Ventspils city, 3 km from its centre and 200 m from the sea. Near the camping you will find Ventspils Seaside Open-Air ...

Island Bridge, Riga

The Island Bridge (Latvian: Salu tilts) is a bridge that crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The bridge was built in the period from 1975 to 1977
  • County: Riga
  • Address:

Shroud Bridge

The Cable-stayed Bridge (Latvian: Vanšu tilts) in Riga is a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is one of five bridges crossing ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address:

Stone Bridge, Riga

The Stone Bridge (Latvian: Akmens tilts) in Riga is a bridge that crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The construction of the bridge began in 1955.
  • County: Riga
  • Address:

Teiči and Krustkalni Nature Reserves

Guided tours of the nature reserve. Choice of routes to take- either by car or on foot. The preserves are the state's specially protected territories with a regime of firm ...
  • County: Madona
  • Address: Aiviekstes iela 3, Ļaudona, Madonas novads, LV - 4862
  • Phone number: + 371 26389913, 29459138
  • Web page:

Holy Spring

The Holy Spring is ina lateral ravine of the Gauja valley. The spring has formed a 13 metre long cave in the sandstone exposure. The cave starts as a large niche, 4 metres wide, ...
  • County: Cesu
  • Address: Cēsis, Atpūtas iela 12-4, LV-4101
  • Phone number: +371 29460660; 64125533
  • Web page:

The Red Warehouses

The Red Warehouses have built in the second half of the 19th Century as trading storehouses. They were planned and designed by well known architects: I.Felsko, R.Shmeling, Hess. ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address: starp Krasta, Maskavas un Turgēņeva ielām

Riga Central Market

Do you want to taste a freshly salted cucumber? To enjoy real pork chops from the countryside? Buy fresh vegetables? To treat yourself to an eel, smoked just last night? Or to ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address: Nēģu iela 7, Rīga, Latvija

Nīcgale- large stone

  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Nīcgales pagastā

The museum "Jews in Daugavpils and Latgale"

The museum exposition tells about Jewish life and living traditions in Latgale and Daugavpils since 1935. The exposition represents the change in the number of Jews, ...
  • County: Daugavpils
  • Address: Cietokšņa iela 38, Daugavpils
  • Phone number: +371 29548760

Lake-Velnezers (Čertoks)

  • County: Aglona
  • Address: Šķeltovas pagasts, Aglonas nov.
  • Phone number: +371 65622201

Estate at Liksna

Valmiermuiza brewery

Valmiermuiža alus is a small estate brewery located in the historical area of Valmiermuiža in the vicinity of Valmiera. The beer is brewed from the highest-quality ...
  • County: Burtnieku
  • Address: Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiermuiža, Valmieras pag.
  • Phone number: +371 20264269
  • Web page:

Slitere lighthouse

Major part of lighthouses nowadays are working electronically and are closed to visitors,but not Sliteres lighthouse. It is still open because it doesnt have its previous ...
  • County: Dundaga
  • Address: Dundagas pag "Šlīteres mežniecība", Dundagas nov.LV-3270
  • Phone number: +371 26649622
  • Web page:

Jezupova (Juzefova) Park

Initial name of the Park was “Hofzumberg” that in translation from German language means “house on mountain (hill)”. In the end of the 18th century the ...

St.Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Jezupova (Juzefova)

The building of Jezupova (Juzefova) St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church was started in 1934 and was finished in 1961. After the building was finished the church was taken ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Vecpils, Naujenes pagasts, Daugavpils novads
  • Phone number: +371 65471321

Markova Castle Mound

Markova castle mound is fixed up on a sand hill between an old Daugavpils-Kraslava highway and the Daugava, at the end of some ravine about 450 m to north-west from Markova ...

Ethnographical Old Beliver Village of Slutiski

Slutiski village is situated in Slutiski, Naujene parish, on the right bank of the Daugava river. In the materials of museum Slutiski as a village was mentioned in ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Slutišķi, Naujenes pagasts, Daugavpils novads
  • Phone number: +371 65471321
  • Web page:

Kalupe Sacrament Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Altar

In Northern part of Daugavpils, on Nicgale-Spogi and Vabole-Upmala crossroads the attention of the tourists there is attracted by Kalupe Sacrament Roman Catholic Church of the ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Kalupe, Kalupes pag, Daugavpils nov.
  • Phone number: +371 29155921

"Academia Petrina", Jelgava History and Art Museum named after Gederts Eliass

A grammar school “Academia Petrina” was built after Duke Peter Biron proposal and designed by Danish architect Severin Jensen. Now the building houses Gederts Elias Museum of ...
  • County: Jelgava
  • Address: Akadēmijas iela 10. Jelgava
  • Phone number: +371 63035830
  • Web page:

Madona Culture House

  • County: Madona
  • Address: Raiņa iela 12, Madona
  • Phone number: +371 64807423
  • Web page:

The Zemgalian Castle Mound and Livonian Order Castle Ruins

The Settlement of the early inhabitants of Dobele – Semilallians – has been there already 1000 years B.C. The wooden Semigallian Castle was built within the ancient town and ...

Koknese Castle ruins

KOKNESE – A PLACE OF POSITIVE EMOTIONS By picturesque banks of the Daugava and the Pērse, only 100 km form Riga, is Koknese. In ancient times it was an important traders and ...

Odziena castle

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: Odziena Vietalvas pag.,Pļaviņu novads

Uldevena Castle

Uldeven's castle lies in Lielvārde, Ogre district. It is made according to the archaeological materials and it reflect old Latvians's wooden castles in the 12th century. It is ...
  • County: Lielvarde
  • Address: Parka iela 3, Lielvārde
  • Phone number: +371 29465792
  • Web page:

Monument to Janis Zabers

  • County: Madona
  • Address: Upes iela, Madona

Polycarp Cernavska ceramic house

Preiļi miniature kingdom - Puppet Museum

  • County: Preilu
  • Address: Preiļos, Daugavpils ielā 21
  • Phone number: +371 65321737, 26423837

Observation Tower on Eglu Kalns

Eglu kalns is located in the landscape place of the nature park ”Svente”.  The observation tower was built in 2004 and from it opens a look on Daugavpils city and ...
  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Sventes pagasts.

Madliena Lutheran Church

  • County: Ogre
  • Address: Madlienas pagasts.

"Sower"(Sejejs) Monument

Jersika Orthodox Church

  • County: Livanu
  • Address: Jersikas pagasts.

Kuldiga sinagogue

One of the largest buildings in Kuldiga (1905 street 6) known for its splendorous interior in marble with gilded details, is the Jewish synagogue. Documents in ancient Hebrew ...
  • County: Kuldiga
  • Address: 1905.gada iela 6, Kuldīga

Monument Alfreds Kalnins

  • County: Riga
  • Address: Raiņa Bulvāris, Rīga

Kazdanga Manor

First manor-house was wooden and it was situated in the place of present Chevaliers' House at the Valāta River. There also was linden-tree alley to the manor-house. The Late ...
  • County: Aizpute
  • Address: Kazdangas pagasts,Jaunatnes gatve 1.
  • Phone number: +371 63449755; 28616717

Horse ranch "Untumi"

  • County: Rezekne county
  • Address: Spundžāni, Ozolmuižas pag., Rēzeknes rajons,
  • Phone number: +371 26227297

Veldzes nams Guest house

Veldzes Nams is located 1.6 km from the sandy Baltic beach and offers basic, air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and private bathroom facilities. Guests can use a sauna at an ...

Preili city park and Borhs manor complex

  • County: Preilu
  • Address: Preiļu rajona Preiļi, Kārsavas 4
  • Phone number: +371 65322041
  • Web page:

Garsene castle

On the banks of the Dienvidsusēja River by the Gārsene Castle one can find tourist footpaths interspersed with spots for recreation and fire-making, as well as over 40 unique ...
  • County: Akniste
  • Address: "Labieši", Gārsenes pagasts, Aknīstes novads, LV-5218
  • Phone number: +371 65229643

The Environmental labirinth Nature museum

Environment Labyrinth consist of environment library, info kiosk, interpretation service and interactive museum exhibition. Ticket prices 1.50 - 2.00

Tērvete Nature Park

  • County: Tervete
  • Address: "Tērvetes sils", Tērvetes pag., Tērvetes nov.
  • Phone number: +371 63726212
  • Web page:
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