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Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest

Recreation center Baltic Inn

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Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
Recreation center Baltic Inn
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Baltic Inn- hostel/hotel In Saulkrasti Relaxing centre Baltic Inn Season of tourism is all around the year Wide, new rooms for seminaries, For corporate enterprises, Children and teenagers camps Full service: following clients desires assured coffee pauses and meals, friendly kitchen for vegetarian and for people with special needs Economical living In new hostel’s rooms- Good price and great company! General count of sleeping-places in hostel and hotel- 50 In the summer for kids In music, art and dance camps For accessible price are assured Living, activities, great relax And healthy, delicious feeding Proportionate prices In rooms of hotel with all accommodations: New, clean rooms, Quite, safe environment, Fresh air of the sea-coast And great, refreshing breakfasts For Baltic Inn comfort admirer We offer 4 hotel- type rooms In the Baltic Inn pizzeria Every day locally made pizzas For the guests of relaxing centre, For habitans and people of vicinity of Saulkrasti Pizza supply to the home as well And if it is necessary even in beach Every Baltic Inn pizza is special, Following to your order made expecially for you The base of the pizzas are made following to the recipe of experts from Italy Iyou can order it following to the Europe well-known pizza „Margarita” Has been made pizza with the same name And pizzas which are corresponding to latvains sense of taste And locally tender of products You have an opportunity fix and supplement your pizza And even advise new recipe of pizaa The new relaxing centre’s pool Our wonderful city provides guests With swimming-zone all around the year 4x9 metres long pool with variable depth It is safe for kids And sufficient for more serious swimmers The temperature of water is 26 degrees The pools are provided with an automatic system of chimical dosage , System of heating and ventilation is provided with necessary air temperature And comfortable level of wetness Comfortable, cousy bathhouse for 6 persons With wide dressing-rooms and showers Outside-pool 5x10 m For them who after the Finnish bath are feeling more extreme The outside summer pool is opportunity to use in winter as well In the summer for active relax we offer A skeightpark squere next to the hotel And baskets for ball games There is a sport hall in the neighbourhood of hotel for sport’s fans. After an active sport, walk alond the sea coast, swim and bathhouse We offer a meal in a friends company In a weekend or in a holiday You are able to rent the hall, bathhouse and the pool For banquet or private party The billiards is for free And for the guests of banquets sleeping-places in the hotel are for notably lower prices In the bar there is a wide alcoholic and nonalcoholic sortiment of drinks and coctails: Clasical and original alcoholic coctails, Ice-cream coctails for kids Healthy, fresh- pressed juices, Fruits and vegetables for these juices are supplied from biological farms. In a disatnce of few minutes long walking- In every season the beautiful sea gulf of Riga, In the evening walk sunset’s path takes you to the White mountins Baltic Inn locates in the centre of Saulkrasti, next to the sport hall, 10 minutes walking distance from railway sation 1 km- The only museum of bicycle in Latvia 16km- museum of baron Minhauzens In 15 km distance there is a castle Birini 30 km- Krimulda 35 km –Gauja’s ancient valley and Sigulda 32 km – castle Igate 50 km – castle Lielstraupe 61 km – Ungurmuiza, 73 km – Cesis And more, more, more..... All for great relax, Cousy business and social celebrations! Very comfortable access along Via Baltica Or with a train from Riga Baltic Inn- hostel/ hotel presents great oppurtunities to organize camps (beds for 50 persons), seminary and private enterprises (halls for 150 persons and 65m). Democratic environment for young people with a pizzeria, bar, billiards and library. For active relaxing there are pools- inside and outside as well, a skeitpark, baskets for basketball, dances. For relaxion- a bathhouse and solarium. Especially profitable offers are for families and children. For persons with a special needs there is a suitable environment as well. Friendly and family-oriented attitude. The hostel’s location is in the centre of Saulkrasti with a 10 minutes long walk to get to the sea, comfortable driving up, 45 km distance from the centre of Riga, 10 minutes long walk from the station and the bus terminal. Large paved parking place.


  • County: Saulkrastu
  • Address: Smilšu iela 7, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu nov.

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