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Bille Guest house

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Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
Bille Guest house
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Have you ever been in the guests house Bille in the region of Drabesi? In 1876. the old complex of buildings Bille was built as a cloth fabric by spanish woman Izabella, from whose name,supposedly, is rised this name of today- Bille. Here for the first time in Latvia started to manufactured electronenergy for auxiliary. Today in here locates a realy large guests house. All rooms ar very wide, on the walls there are fantastic paintings of beautiful blossoms.


Following to horoscope, every room is in different color. A special accent is put on embroidered bed-clothes. The large hall for celebrations is dued for 130 guests as maximum, next to the hall there is a fireplace hall for dancing and the small fireplace hall dued for 30 persons as maximum. In the guests house there are two elegant rooms for just married couples and two lux rooms. Also there are 16 facilitated rooms with a shower, and economical variant as well- there are 45 sleeping-places. And of course with a great meal you will be spoild by chef. In the offer there is also a bathhouse with a warm pool with a counter-stream and lovely terrace (60 kv m) with a view on the river. We will be looking forward to your visit!


  • County: Amata
  • Address: ''Billīte", Amatas novads, LV 4139
  • Contact person: -

Guest book

01.04.2011 11:43:40
Super viesu māja, laipna saimniece, laba virtuve, ideāla vieta kazām :)
09.08.2010 23:09:27
Es drīz gulēšu tajā skaistajā gultiņā:)
09.08.2010 22:44:56
video atbilst visiem kritērijiem, no labajiem kritiķiem
24.04.2010 03:16:13
Mums kāzas bija pirms 2 gadiem un es vēl ar vīru atceros kāzas šeit
10.04.2010 04:36:09
Urā atradu labāko vietu savām kāzām
28.03.2010 20:27:17
laikam būs jābrauc uz rožu laiku


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