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Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest

Laimes majas Campsite

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Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
Laimes majas Campsite
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House of Happiness (accommodation in the small barrels) is an ecological, cylindrical, fir wood construction with an inherent large, round plate-glass as window.


A bed is located directly near the window in the accommodation for creation romantic experiences, inspired from the surrounding landscape and nature. When You’re watch sunsets und sunrises especially bright sensations arise directly to on the seashore. The romance is full of the wind rustling and waves splashes in the sand seashore.


The very resistant tempered glass is used for a window. The window is transparent only from one (inner space) side. From the outside the window is like as an ordinary mirror.



The locations of campings of Houses of Happiness are very suitable for a good rest. You will want to come back and enjoy the wonderful experience again.


Camping Ūši:

The Houses of Happiness in the camping Ūši – the best rest! You can play volleyball and sit by the fire, too.

This camping place is not only for romantic rest, but also for different activities together with friends or colleges.

Accommodation (the small barrels)
Places for tents
Places for trailers
WC/ summer shower
Water, electricity
Fire place
Charcoal, grill



The Houses of Happiness in Kolkasrags provide a unique opportunity to enjoy romantic sunrises and sunsets. The Houses of Happiness are located near the same seashore. The window of barrel is directed against sea. The romantic scenes could also be seen from the house’s glass.


Accommodation (the small barrels)


Operates only during the summer season!


  • County: Dundaga
  • Address: Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads
  • Contact person: -

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