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Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest    Sauna and rest

Lilaste, recreation complex

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Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
Lilaste, recreation complex
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There is nothing that charges energy that much like spending some time by nature. Overcoming only 25km from Riga (25min going by car along Via Baltic highway), You will reach relaxing and entertainment complex which locates next to the fantastic wood’s lake with clear water and sandy beach. The guests house rooms are very comfortable, camps, log buildings, a hall for banquets and a fire-place hall as well, where you are able to spend celebrations and seminaries- that all is always on your own hands.


Organizing banquets, conferences and seminaries You have an opportunity to use the fire-place hall (dued for 25 persons as maximum) and the large hall (dued for 150 persons as maximum) In the relaxing complex „Lilaste” there is a perfect organization for banquets, conferences and seminaries management, this organization will take a good care on all Your enterprise’s nuances, managing the timetable, including meals for celebrations, entertainment, participants/ guests free time as well. The relaxing complex „LILASTE” fully opens relaxing possibilities, wich are presented by nature of Latvia. Here you are able to spend all Your free time in the beach, but in the evening enjoy a good meal in fresh air or in a restaurant, take a drive with a boat, enjoy the sunset of wood’s lake.


Or are You willing to steam and flap yourselfs in a real log building’s Russian bathhouse which is expanded in 2 floors, grill some meat and after that go to extreme safari with a for-wheeled Monster through the bogs territory? In the summer time for visitors we are offering bicycles, boats, catamarans, canoes and quadratecycles rent, also we are offering to take drive with water skis, football and volleyball square, ping-pong and billiards as well. After reservation in relaxing complex „LILASTE” there will arrive hydroplane and you will be able to take an unforgetable walk in open air. In the winter time You are able to use frozen lake as a skating-rink, skii trough the wood and enjoy under-ice fishing. In 2008. fully renovated relaxing complex „LILASTE” with 100 sleeping-places- that is an entertainment and relaxing for each taste, in any season. Li-las-te, that is how it could be split in syllables and you could repeat that again and again.


This place has its own magic – quite seriously. You can go back five times only during summer time. Is it because it is in the sunny Saulkrasti area, I don’t know? It is a recreation complex next to a lake and it does not matter what season it is, here there is always something to do. A large place with enough space – 2 banquet halls – for 50 and 100 persons as well as 2 fire-place halls - for up to 25 persons. Will it be enough?


Of course, but there are also café and bar services available and that is what guests usually appreciate. When describing this place I would say: entertainment for winter and spring. Just you have to think of what you want to do. Everything is already here, just take what is needed and simply relax! Kindly expected and welcomed in Lilaste!


  • County: Saulkrastu
  • Address: Lilaste, Saulkrastu l. t., Saulkrastu novads
  • Contact person: -
  • Web page: http://www.lilaste.com
  • Phone number: +371 26439830; 67700358
  • E-mail: 

Guest book

DJ Long
28.09.2011 23:43:04
Esmu bijis pirms paris gadiem. Bija jauki un patikami, Ir to vērts lai aizbaruktu
24.08.2011 11:20:17
var dabutu sexy cikas uz nakti>
11.08.2011 16:20:11
Šeit es biju, patika - mums trapījās arī labs laiks
01.08.2011 14:40:47
riktīgi laba vieta izskatās pēc bildes, jāaizbrauc.
05.03.2011 03:05:50
Eu nezināju ka tik smuka vieta netālu no carnikavas
15.12.2010 13:19:16
Bijām pie jums, mums ļoti patika, paldies!
17.06.2010 18:46:50
un kas jāņos tur būs, visas vietas ciet??
29.04.2010 13:26:23
Hari, atkal tu mani apsteidzi
24.04.2010 03:05:15
Leon kamēr tu skaldi malku es labāk uzkāpšu ...
24.04.2010 03:01:30
Es gan atpūtos kā nākas un no rīta vēl nopeldējos xx
17.04.2010 15:07:11
Es labprāt saskaldītu to malkas klēpi
04.03.2010 12:22:10
Pie Jums ir foršā atmosfēra un superīgi saimnieki!ir vērts aizbraukt.
un Kristīne
17.02.2010 15:35:56
Pēc fotogrāfijas skatoties smuka vieta


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