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Artists or just a lazy people?

ceturtdiena, 8. jūlijs (2010)   

There aren’t any strict boundaries which would sort out people- freethinkers, gifted artists who have inspirations, or people- fiddlers which love to be in this artists plot, but it’s not the thing they do for living, its hobby.
We all know the famous, amazing artwork in which is reflected just one little black point in the middle of the painting. This artwork is based on huge philosophy and this work has been evaluated and marveled. Then what is the thing that shows that this is a real artwork, why simple drafts, inspirational dashes or drawings in notebooks which also includes huge philosophy is considered that it is just a messing about, nothing serious, nothing professional- why these paintings are worthless?
Do you have to born in concrete century, start to paint in concrete time or the artwork has to surprise everyone and only after that it can be called- an artwork. This time it isn’t about realistic artists who are painting landscapes, portraits, still life, but it is about abstractionists, which are expressing themselves on the paper by indefinite lines, shapes and untraditional compositions and, all in all, these artworks are mainly based on philosophy, emotions, but the paint doesn’t present anything that simple human- non-artist couldn’t do. It is not so hard to make an artwork, it is harder to think out the philosophy of this paint.
Artists are not just a painters, but also- singers, poets...Aren’t they just a lazy fellows? Some of the musicians don’t have to do anything, they just have to look good, songs, lyrics, choreography, image is made by other people, singer is there just to present this artwork to audience. Sounds like a dream job! Speaking about poets some of them just have to get drunk to make an excellent artwork, its not a secret that lot of the greatest poets had a drinking problems. But what is the thing which turns them into artists? Some poets are like these ascendant stars- they have original ideas, they create interesting and deep poetries, but no one will call them- artists, they are just a usual people who sometimes relaxing create these fantastic works, but usually they are working in different kind of area, so it is just a hobby for them. Sometimes even drunk man sleeping in bus station is creating better artworks then some of the real artists. So what is the difference? When you are able to call yourself- an artist?
Maybe in this area don’t have to put out strict boundaries- is this persons an artist, lazy fellow or jurist which loves to paint in free time, but it is still important to understand- do you like this painting or poetry because it is fantastic, original and took you immediately, or you love this piece of art just because you now who did it! It is like with trademarks- the same jacket, one is placed in designers store with huge name, the other one in simple marketplace- the same jacket but it gets two totally different values basing on the place where it has been found and the price of the jacket. It is funny- but reality! Sometimes reality is presented in now days like a big joke, but maybe that’s even better, people have another reason to smile about.

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