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Guest houses, campings

Luca Guest house

We are located in the park near the center.We offer guests the following leisure facilities: 1-single room 1 - triple room 1-a double room 3 - double rooms * Each room has WC, ...

Bruzis Park Hotel

Driving down Bruzis street you see a beautiful building surrounded by hillocks, Abuls river and a pond right in front of you. Located in the heart of Smiltene town park hotel ...

Anes muiza Guest house

Real estate made of natural materials. Here is all what hart desires. Near "Lielupe", spacious courtyard, the silence all around. What to do here? Relax and do nothing! ...
  • County: Ozolnieku
  • Address: Āne, Cenu pag., Ozolnieku nov.
  • Phone number: +371 26483712, 29394239
  • Web page:

Kaupena dzirnavas (Kaupens Mill) Paintball,Guest house

In the guest house a hireplace hall 60 square meters,rooms for accommodation, sauna is available.
  • County: Jelgava county
  • Address: "Kaupēnu dzirnavas”, Viesturi, Zaļenieku pagasts, Jelgavas novads, LV-3011
  • Phone number: +371 26551259; 29263768
  • Web page:

Krasti Guest house,bath

Lacites Recreation center ,restaurant

Located on the picturesque banks of the River Gauja in the quiet woodlands of Northeastern Latvia, this hotel and its 12-hectare territory offer excellent opportunities for sports ...
  • County: Gulbene
  • Address: Rankas pagasts, LV-4416
  • Phone number: + 371 26599997
  • Web page:

Bath Aiz Anninas lodzina

This lovely relaxing complex locates in the expanses of Vidzeme. It is in the centre of Naukseni, on the coast of the Rujiena’s river, in the former spirit brewery building, ...
  • County: Nauksenu
  • Address: Nāras, Naukšēni, Naukšēnu pag.
  • Phone number: +371 29431081
  • Web page:

Odzienas Krogusmāja

  • County: Plavinu
  • Address: "Zemgaļi", Odziena, Vietalvas pagasts, Pļaviņu novads, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 20533333
  • Web page:

Umuri Guest house

This beautiful guest house Umuri is found in Kegums. The middle- sized house is actually a recreation centre with many added values. The silence near the wood is fantastic. This ...

Reina Trase Golf, guest house, cafe

Active recreation center "Reina trase" is one of most popular and oldest skiing centers in Latvia and now we are also offering different summer activities. Just one hour ...
  • County: Krimulda
  • Address: "Kalnzaķi", Krimuldas pag., Krimuldas nov.,
  • Phone number: +371 29272255
  • Web page:

Ungurmuiza Guests house

The ensemble of Ungurmuiza is the only wood arhitecture object wich is preserved from 18.century in Latvia. The building of Ungurmuiza and the park is the monument in the scale of ...
  • County: Pargauja
  • Address: Pārgaujas nov.Raiskuma pag.,Ungurmuiža
  • Phone number: +371 22007332
  • Web page:

Ritupes Starki Guest house 40 meters from Russian border

Pleasent rest near to Latvian-Russian border river.40 meters from Russian border. WE OFFER: Two rest houses for guests: 1st house: One two-seater room with shower and WC, TV, SAT; ...
  • County: Karsava
  • Address: Orinski, Salnavas pag.,Kārsavas nov.,LV - 5717
  • Phone number: +371 26378000
  • Web page:

Graveri Camping

New campground at Usma lake! Beautiful place, ideally suitable for leisure with family and friends or private events (e.g. sports games, get-togethers, birthdays, midsummer ...

Ievinas Guest house,bath

Very lovely name Ieviņas, in Sējas area,in Murjāņi. This is a guest house with spacious rooms and courtyard. In thoughts come idea about calling weddings, especially during ...

Ungurs Campsite

Campsite has 15 cabins with a total bed number 55 from 2-5 places in the house. Of these, eight are trailers. Unlimited number of camping space. Water supply. Showers and ...

Apalkalns Camping

In recent years the nature tours have become as a very popular activity. And that does not mean just going into the backwoods, set up a tent and make up a fire. Nature tours may ...
  • County: Pargauja
  • Address: Apaļkalns, Raiskums, Raiskuma pagasts
  • Phone number: +371 29448188
  • Web page:

Lacu miga Guest house

We are located in one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia-Līgatne. There is situated the oldest and the only paper factory in Latvia- the Paper Factory of Latvia in the town ...

Leici Guest house

Want to rest in one of the most beautiful places in Latvia? You are welcome to recreation centre „Leiči” in the Land of Blue Lakes! For Your choice we offer: 1) A ...
  • County: Rezekne county
  • Address: Vocīši,Pušas pag., Rēzeknes nov.,LV-4635
  • Phone number: +371 25651830
  • Web page:

Liene Hotel

A small and comfortable hotel in the center of the city offers light and clean rooms of nice interior and the required level of comfort. The rooms are located in two buildings. ...
  • County: Riga
  • Address: Avotu ielā 75 / 3 ,Rīga
  • Phone number: + 371 67314767
  • Web page:

Duets Guest house

This small hotel enjoys a very quiet location close to the centre of Daugavpils. The Duets offers cosy and comfortable rooms with air conditioning, a sauna, and a garden with a ...

Bucefals Motel, guesthouse

Set within a building made from natural materials such as wood and tiles, Motel Guesthouse Bucefāls is located in Siguldas pagasts. It offers en suite rooms with free Wi-Fi.Each ...

Jaun-Ievinas Guests house

In this place everything all around is natural and everything what is coming about is real. One of the rare places in Latvia which is assigned with green symbol. Everything in ...
  • County: Rauna
  • Address: Jaun-Ieviņas, Raunas pagasts, Raunas novads
  • Phone number: +371 29495146; 26463980
  • Web page:

SPA Hotel Usma

  • County: Ventspils
  • Address: Priežkalni, Usmas pag., Ventspils novads
  • Phone number: +371 22301281

Sparinu Kalns Guest house

  • County: Priekulu
  • Address: Jaunrauna, Priekuļu novads, Cēsu rajons
  • Phone number: +371 22006060

Sanders Guest house

  • County: Engure
  • Address: Smārdes pagasts, Tukuma rajons, LV-3129
  • Phone number: +371 26434448

Center sauna

  • County: Riga
  • Address: Martas iela 9, Rīga
  • Phone number: +371 29600561

Busas paintball

  • County: Saulkrastu
  • Address: Bušas, Saulkrasti, (A1 un A6 viadukts) Saulkrastu nov.
  • Phone number: +371 26785909, 28889868


  • County: Ventspils
  • Address: "Dekšņi", Popes pagasts, Ventspils novads
  • Phone number: +371 29232813

Kakitis Recreation complex

  • County: Sigulda
  • Address: Senču iela 1, Sigulda, LV-2150
  • Phone number: +371 67976886

Raganu ligzda Restourant, Hotel

Restaurant Raganu ligzda /" Witches 'nest' " / is known place of many who enjoy a good meal. Food are tasty, exquisite and healthy. Our head chef has created an interesting modern ...

Spāres Prieduļi

  • County: Nica
  • Address: Spāres Prieduļi, Klampju ciems, Nīcas novads
  • Phone number: +371 26006509

Miera osta

  • County: Pavilosta
  • Address: Sakas pag. "Sunkuri"
  • Phone number: +371 26444168

Papes house

  • County: Liepaja
  • Address: Papes iela 16b, Liepāja
  • Phone number: +371 29541696

Skrunda Manor

  • County: Skrundas
  • Address: Pils iela 2, Skrunda, LV-3326, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 63370000 +371 22113355

Baltin Krogs

  • County: Daugavpils county
  • Address: Baltiņi, Pilskalnes pagasts, Ilūkstes novads, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 29976671

Ezerlejas Relaxation house

  • County: Ventspils
  • Address: Ventspils novads, Usma, "Ezerkrasti"
  • Phone number: +371 26613365

Relax in the countryside!

  • County: Aglona
  • Address: Livdāni, Aglonas pag., Aglonas nov.
  • Phone number: +37129516113

Skangali manor

  • County: Priekulu
  • Address: Priekuļu novads,Liepas pagasts, Skangali, Latvia-LV-4128
  • Phone number: +371 25300030

Jaundobeli Guest house

  • County: Jelgava county
  • Address: Līvbērzes pagasts, Jelgavas novads
  • Phone number: +371 29157311


  • County: Salacgriva
  • Address: Klintis, Salacgrīvas l. t., Salacgrīvas novads, Latvija, LV-4033
  • Phone number: +371 27852476
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