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Guest houses, campings

Vaisumi Guest House

Quiet relaxation at the sea. Suitable for families. Equipment : wc, sink, shower, towels, soap, tv, sat TV, internet, kitchen, dishes, water boiling pot, fridge, stove, ...

Melnsils Camping Guest house

Camping is located right by the sea. Wonderful nature and silence. We offer: - accommodation in barrel houses - tents places - picnic sites - sports games - ...
  • County: Rojas
  • Address: Melnsils, Rojas pagasts, Rojas novads
  • Phone number: +371 28605606
  • Web page:

Dieninas The fisherman’s farm

The owners are third-generation fishers, and they will be happy to sell you some smoked local fish. Tour groups can take part in active leisure related to cultural aspects of ...

Zusi Resting place

Kalna ligzda Hotel

Hotel offers: Three-star hotel offers 10 rooms: 2 single rooms. 4 double - rooms, 3 triple and 1 family room with 4 beds. Each room has a WC, shower, cable TV and soft flooring. ...

Reina Trase Golf, guest house, cafe

There are comfortable doubl, triple rooms and also apartament for 9 persons with all extras, sauna and kitchen. It is possible also arrange different efficient events combined ...
  • County: Krimulda
  • Address: "Kalnzaķi", Krimuldas pag., Krimuldas nov.,
  • Phone number: +371 29272255
  • Web page:

Saules Camping

Camping is located 95 km from Riga,in Mersrags,42 km from Talsi. We offer: good rest and different activities;  places for tents and trailers; double and four ...

Ventaskrasti Guest house,camping

Our guesthouse and camping is located right on the riverside of Venta. We offer: - Beautiful and comfortable accommodation for up to 100 people; - Premises for conferences and ...
  • County: Ventspils
  • Address: Ziru pagasts, Ventspils novads
  • Phone number: +371 29616644, 29156563
  • Web page:

Bruzis Park Hotel

Driving down Bruzis street you see a beautiful building surrounded by hillocks, Abuls river and a pond right in front of you. Located in the heart of Smiltene town park hotel ...

Kali Guest house

Unusual to Ķekava,but this guest house managed to hide from the public viewing from every passers by. This is a big plus we are located near Riga. There are two guest ...
  • County: Kekava
  • Address: Ķekava, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas novads
  • Phone number: +371 29229582; 29274801
  • Web page:

Ievinas Guest house,bath

Very lovely name Ieviņas, in Sējas area,in Murjāņi. This is a guest house with spacious rooms and courtyard. In thoughts come idea about calling weddings, especially during ...

Svelmes Guest house,bath

Guest house is located very close to Riga, only a 10 minute drive from the center - 12th kilometer of the Bauskas highway. For your convenience, there are two wood-heated wet ...
  • County: Kekava
  • Address: Ķekavas novads, Svelmes, 12. кm pa Rīga-Bauska šoseju.
  • Phone number: +371 29172544; 67342910
  • Web page:

Kakitis Recreation complex

Park has a total of 82 obstacles, which are divided into six routes of different difficulty level. Each route starts and ends on the ground. The last obstacle in each of the ...
  • County: Sigulda
  • Address: Senču iela 1, Sigulda, LV-2150
  • Phone number: +371 67976886
  • Web page:

Trissalinas Complex

The complex is set on three islands so that every guest could receive the rest they deserve.   Nature friends will be woken up by birds` songs. The children will find ...
  • County: Smiltene
  • Address: Smiltenes novads, Grundzāles pagasts, Tríssaliņas
  • Phone number: + 371 26536637 , 29477124
  • Web page:

Ezerlejas Relaxation complex

Near Smiltene, in a scenically beautiful area there is the relaxation complex Ezerlejas. Here you can enjoy the comfort of cabins, fishing,swimming, organize picnics, enjoy wet ...
  • County: Smiltene
  • Address: Ezerlejas, Launkalnes pagasts., Smiltenes novads LV-4718
  • Phone number: +371 26357959; 29140178
  • Web page:

Eglieni Recreation complex

Only 50 km from Riga, right next to the Liepāja highway, tavern Eglieni was opened on June 10, 2008. For the most democratic prices we offer you delicious meals and the best ...
  • County: Dobeles
  • Address: " Eglieni " Jaunbērzes pagasts
  • Phone number: +371 29537991
  • Web page:

Sauleskalns Recreation center

In the Zakumuiza there is a beautiful bathhouse with more beautiful name Sauleskalns. It is a place with a feeling of warmth, and how could it not be, if you get that much of sun ...
  • County: Ropazu
  • Address: „Sauleskalns”, Zaķumuiža, Ropažu nov., LV-2133
  • Phone number: +371 29403887; 26301327
  • Web page:

Igate manor

Only 76 km from the capital city of Riga but far enough from the haste of the city and daily worries stands the elegant Igate manor house built in the style of neo ...
  • County: Limbazu
  • Address: Igate, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads, LV-4013
  • Phone number: +371 64062432; 29245500; 26515161
  • Web page:

Ungurmuiza Guests house

The ensemble of Ungurmuiza is the only wood arhitecture object wich is preserved from 18.century in Latvia. The building of Ungurmuiza and the park is the monument in the scale of ...
  • County: Pargauja
  • Address: Pārgaujas nov.Raiskuma pag.,Ungurmuiža
  • Phone number: +371 22007332
  • Web page:

Ungurs Campsite

Campsite has 15 cabins with a total bed number 55 from 2-5 places in the house. Of these, eight are trailers. Unlimited number of camping space. Water supply. Showers and ...

Skrunda Manor

Skrunda Manor Hotel offers high standard comfort and a homey atmosphere. The guests can enjoy their rest at Skrunda Manor in 12 hotel rooms. Each room is individually decorated ...
  • County: Skrundas
  • Address: Pils iela 2, Skrunda, LV-3326, Latvija
  • Phone number: +371 63370000; 22113355
  • Web page:

Silmalas Recreation center

  • County: Riebiņu
  • Address: "Siveriņa", Rušonas pag., Riebiņu nov., LV-5329
  • Phone number: +371 29101378
  • Web page:

Villa Alberta

Only a 10-minute walk from the historic centre of Sigulda and various tourist attractions, this bed and breakfast offers cosy, exclusively designed rooms with their own unique ...

Edoles manor

Edole Castle is situated in a park on the banks of Edole Lake. It is still inhabited. Ēdole Castle was built in the period from 1264 to 1276 and has been rebuilt several times. ...
  • County: Kuldiga
  • Address: Ēdoles pils, Ēdole, Ēdoles pag.,Kuldīgas novads, LV-3310
  • Phone number: +371 26228899; 63321251
  • Web page:

The lifestyle center, guest house "For your heart" – Mezlidumi

The lifestyle center offers: Healthcare weeks Individual health programs Silence therapy; Excursions with  tasting - "Soya - production and use in ...

Laimes ligzda Recreation complex

What a name! There is nothing much to add, with a word happiness it is explicited that much but in the same time- that little. Here is an opportunity to do everything- relax, ...
  • County: Amata
  • Address: ''Lejas Astītes"" Drabešu pag., Amatas nov.
  • Phone number: +371 29158821
  • Web page:

Baltakmeni Manor

Guest house offers cozy rooms for different celebrations. This guest house is located in Kocenu parish, 7 km from centre of Valmiera and 12 km from ski run “Baili”. A ...
  • County: Kocenu
  • Address: Kocēnu pag., Baltakmeņi
  • Phone number: +371 22022030
  • Web page:

Lacites Recreation center ,restaurant

Located on the picturesque banks of the River Gauja in the quiet woodlands of Northeastern Latvia, this hotel and its 12-hectare territory offer excellent opportunities for sports ...
  • County: Gulbene
  • Address: Rankas pagasts, LV-4416
  • Phone number: + 371 26599997
  • Web page:

Mazpipari Leisure complex

We offer festival in the family circle,seminars, weddings, anniversaries and even many and various measures you want company. Young people up to the age of 25 companies ...

Smuku muiza Leisure complex

Moments of happiness in Smuku Manor Renovated 16th century manor is located 20 km from Saldus in the midle of forests and 5 ponds, where can see the traditional Latvian ...
  • County: Brocenu
  • Address: “Smukas”, Remtes pag., Brocēnu nov., LV – 3871
  • Phone number: +371 28659452; 28659472
  • Web page:

Mikelbaka Camping ,guest house,cafe

The camping site features 60 beds in total,2 cottages and 11 cabins, 1000 tent sites, 50 trailer sites, WC, showers, camp-fire pitches, stove wood, outdoor tables, grills, a ...
  • County: Ventspils
  • Address: Miķeļtornis,Tārgales pag. ,Ventspils nov.,LV 3600
  • Phone number: +371 27884438
  • Web page:

Mengeli Guest house

  • County: Tukuma
  • Address: Menģeļi, Sēmes pag., Tukuma nov
  • Phone number: +371 29473831
  • Web page:

Aveni Pub, guest house

Open Mon.-Th.: 10.00 - 22.00; Fr.-Sat. 10.00- 23.00, Sun.: 11.00 - 22.00 Offer- Banquet room, bar, accommodation. Places - 70
  • County: Bauska
  • Address: „Aveņmuiža“, Codes pag., Bauskas nov.
  • Phone number: +371 26199600
  • Web page:

Vaslejas Guest house

In the region of Tukums, surrounded by beautiful woods, there is hidding this lovely guests house. In the territory of the guests house there is thought over about everyone who is ...

Turbas Recreation center

A banquet hall for celebrations, weddings and seminars for 100 persons. Bathhouses and comfortable rooms.An active rest for 500 persons.  
  • County: Ikskile
  • Address: Turbas,Ikšķiles novads,Ogres raj., LV - 5001
  • Phone number: +371 26355551
  • Web page:

Anes muiza Guest house

Real estate made of natural materials. Here is all what hart desires. Near "Lielupe", spacious courtyard, the silence all around. What to do here? Relax and do nothing! ...
  • County: Ozolnieku
  • Address: Āne, Cenu pag., Ozolnieku nov.
  • Phone number: +371 26483712, 29394239
  • Web page:

Lacu miga Guest house

We are located in one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia-Līgatne. There is situated the oldest and the only paper factory in Latvia- the Paper Factory of Latvia in the town ...

Dridzi Recreation center

We are situated in Kraslava district, Skaista parish, Pamales. By creating this place of recreation Dridzi our idea was to popularize tourism in Latgale and to provide ...
  • County: Kraslava
  • Address: Pamales, Skaistas pag., Krāslavas raj., LV-5671
  • Phone number: +371 29441221
  • Web page:

Bath Aiz Anninas lodzina

This lovely relaxing complex locates in the expanses of Vidzeme. It is in the centre of Naukseni, on the coast of the Rujiena’s river, in the former spirit brewery building, ...
  • County: Nauksenu
  • Address: Nāras, Naukšēni, Naukšēnu pag.
  • Phone number: +371 29431081
  • Web page:

Plaucaki Camping

Camping offers a quiet rest, 250 m from the sea, inside in the pine forest, with the possibility to pick mushrooms and berries, or just enjoy nature. Located in Rojas region in ...
  • County: Rojas
  • Address: "Plaucaki", Pūrciems, Rojas novads
  • Phone number: +371 26445124
  • Web page:
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